On 1 October 2007, the parishes of Holy Angels in Hale Barns, St Hugh and St John in Timperley (formerly the parishes of St Hugh of Lincoln and St John the Baptist), and St Vincent de Paul in Altrincham, were brought together to form the Altrincham Pastoral Area (APA).

A Leadership Team of clergy and lay people from these parishes meet regularly to promote ways in which we can share resources, deepen our understanding of faith and support each other as we face the challenges of the future together. A key responsibility for the team is to work collaboratively to discern and address the pastoral needs of our parish communities, so enabling us to continue growing in God’s love.

Our aim is to work towards four central objectives, which are to:

  • develop a sense of community between the three parishes;
  • progress an ethos of support between the parishes;
  • collaborate on appropriate pastoral activities; and
  • maintain and develop further relationships between the schools, parishes and communities within the Altrincham Pastoral Area.

Since its formation, the Altrincham Pastoral Team has been responsible for organising a number of activities within the area that has helped further these objectives, for example: an annual pastoral area Mass; reconciliation services in Advent and Lent; a formal programme of adult education; and a series of talks by guest speakers on various areas of ministry.